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Small- and medium-sized businesses are important to Pennsylvania and the United States.  They provide the best opportunity for achieving the American Dream. Small businesses are the leading source of income in America and support millions of families, perhaps even your own family. 

Businesses are a target for elected officials and special interest groups who see employers as easy marks to be taxed as a revenue source for their personal political gain.  Politicians look to business profits as a tax revenue stream; They write legislation that makes it more and more difficult for employers to operate; Special interest groups, such as environmental groups, routinely pressure the private sector to finance their agendas; And unions look to a business’s employees as prospective members, thus increasing labor costs.
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PACAN Case Study: Marcellus Shale
During the autumn of 2010 Governor Rendell pushed hard for a tax on the Marcellus Shale industry.  An onerous tax on Marcellus Shale drilling had bipartisan support and seemed certain.  The only issue was how to use the money generated.

There seemed little the new Marcellus Shale Industry could do to stave off a tax that would have essentially shut down one of the only job producing sectors in Pennsylvania.
Now more than ever, small- and medium-sized businesses need an advocate to stand for them in the halls of government. The Pennsylvania Commercial Action Network (or PACAN, pronounced: P-A-Can) is that advocate. We are a non-partisan non-profit, organized on a grassroots level for a pro-jobs, pro-business growth, sensible regulatory climate. PACAN assists and safeguards competition that encourages innovation. Small- and medium-sized businesses can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines. Your confidential donation to PACAN advances a powerful education and advocacy group which protects job creation and the growth of your business.
MONDAY, OCTOBER 8--Beginning this week, the Pennsylvania Commercial Action Network (PACAN) will be unveiling "Replace Obamacare" billboards across PA...

Also this week, PACAN is opening up a vote-fraud-reporting hotline...
Message From the Managing Directors
We sincerely thank all the wonderful people who have been so generous with time, trust, and especially their treasure.  The goal of PACAN is to bridge the world of business, politics, and advocacy.  With your help we are succeeding.